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The Academy in Manila

16 May 2022
The Academy has now also made landfall in the Philippines, thanks to the Manil

Washington D.C. Legation founded

28 April 2022
The US capital returns to the Academy with the foundation of the Washington D.C.

The Georgofili Academy and the AIC renew their Memorandum of Understanding

10 March 2022
In Florence, on Thursday, 10 March 2022, Paolo Petroni, President of the Italian Academy of Cuisine, and Massimo Vincenzini, President of th

Memorandum of Understanding signed between MIPAAF and AIC

2 March 2022
On 2 March, a Memorandum of Understanding between Italy’s Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF) and the Italian Academy of

Biodynamic farming removed from organic food bill

11 February 2022
Following the scientific community’s strong critique and the doubts expressed by the President, Italy’s lower parliamentary house has approved

National Food Waste Prevention Day

5 February 2022
One health, one earth.

Gianni Fossati Prize assigned

26 January 2022
Having considered the nominations received, the President’s Council has assigned the Gianni Fossati Prize for 2021 equally to Ca

History of Italian Cuisine in Comics presented at the MIPAAF

21 December 2021
On Tuesday 21 December, President Paolo Petroni and Secretary-General Roberto Ariani met undersecretary