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The Georgofili Academy and the AIC renew their Memorandum of Understanding

In Florence, on Thursday, 10 March 2022, Paolo Petroni, President of the Italian Academy of Cuisine, and Massimo Vincenzini, President of the Georgofili Academy, signed the renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two cultural institutions. There will be three more years, therefore, of shared initiatives for the benefit of both typical agricultural produce and Italian culinary traditions in their various territories, through seminars, conferences and collaborative study groups.
The two Academies’ Memorandum of Understanding is now 10 years old, having first been signed in 2012 by then-Presidents Franco Scaramuzzi and Giovanni Ballarini.
The two institutions are geographically organised in analogous ways: just as the Georgofili Academy operates within its jurisdiction through satellite branches in Italy and an international one in Brussels, the Italian Academy of Cuisine has its Regional Study Centres throughout the country, which undertake research about each locality’s gastronomic culture and food-related customs.