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The Academy abroad: new foundations

The Academy's presence is intensifying abroad with the recent founding of a Delegation, in Tunisia, the second in the area, with jurisdiction over the city of Hammamet, and two Legations: in Southeast Asia, the Legation of Vietnam, and in the Arabian Peninsula, in Oman, the Legation of the Sultanate of Oman.
Heading the Delegation in Hammamet is Gianpaolo Sessa, former founding Academician of the Delegation in Tunis.
The Legate of Vietnam, Giovanni Pisacane, also transferred from another Delegation, Bergamo, after having been in Shanghai for four years.
New entry instead for the Legate of the Sultanate of Oman Beatrice Franceschi and her Academicians. The Italian Embassy in Muscat wanted an Academic presence there to undertake fruitful collaboration and represent high-quality Italian cuisine and Italian food products.