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The Good Traditional Table Series

The Good Traditional Table Guide App

The Good Traditional Table Guide, available for free and exclusively online, is a reliable trove of information resulting from painstaking research. Hence it only includes restaurants which respect regional tradition, using prime-quality and preferabily local ingredients, courtesely served at a price commisurate with the establishment.
Thanks to the Academy’s widespread reach and capillary local presence in each territory, around 1200 restaurants in Italy and abroad have been selected.
A Guide that is always up to date, with new entries and any closures.





This new edition, published by Vallardi, is also available in bookshops for the first time. This Guide is dedicated neither to televised cooking nor to ‘starred’ chefs, but to “good tables”: recommendations for where readers can taste local traditional food. The Academy’s Guide selects only a manageable number of restaurants (about 800, including some abroad), awards no stars, chef’s hats or forks, and relies not on dedicated inspectors but on Academicians dining as ordinary customers.




The Guide’s fourth edition is ready with an important innovation: as well as Italian restaurants, it also lists restaurants abroad selected as ‘Good Tables’ by Delegations worldwide.
Delegates, Regional Coordinators, Regional Study Centre Directors and Academicians collaborated to review 880 establishments (760 in Italy and 120 abroad) whose cuisine respects the values of their local culinary traditions.
The printed version of the Guide is accompanied by an online version to make it easier to share information, for instance by recommending restaurants to a friend who is visiting one’s hometown and would like to appreciate its food better.


680 restaurants in Italy that provide genuine local cuisine, served professionally and priced fairly.
The Guide is the result of the collaboration of the Delegates, Regional Coordinators, Directors of the Regional Study Centers and the Academicians.