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Awards, Certificates and Recognition

The Orio Vergani Prize
Established to honour the memory of the founder of the Accademia, it is reserved to individuals, organisations or associations outside the Academy whose work and activities have honoured Italian gastronomy and food culture in any field, in Italy or abroad.

The Gianni Fossati Prize
Established in memory of the late First Vice-President and journalist, it is awarded to a print journalist whose original writing has contributed, whether in Italy or abroad, to promoting and enhancing Italian food culture.

The Giovanni Nuvoletti Prize
 For a person or organisation outside the Academy that has contributed significantly to promoting and enhancing traditional culinary excellence.

The Dino Villani Prize
In memory of one of the founders and, for a long period of time, Vice President of the Accademia, it is reserved for an artisanal product of established local importance whose tradition should be maintained and safeguarded.

The Massimo Alberini Prize
Named after the eminent journalist, food historian and Honorary Vice-President of the Academy, whose foundation he witnessed, s assigned by Delegations to commercial enterprises or artisanal establishments with a long track record of producing food made from high-quality ingredients using techniques which respect local traditions and ethical and legal standards.

Diploma of Excellent Cuisine (Diploma di Cucina Eccellente) 
Reserved for restaurants in Italy which practice at a high gastronomical level and which are included in the “Guida ai Ristoranti” with a minimum of 4 temples.

Diploma of Good Cuisine (Diploma di Buona Cucina) 
Reserved for restaurants offering Italian cuisine, in Italy and abroad, which operate with respect for tradition and quality and which are included in at least two editions of the "Guida ai Ristoranti" with a minimum of 3 temples.